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Avoiding Trainer Burn Out

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You may be surprised by what burn out is and is not. Come on in and take a look. This is a great tool for generating a discussion at your trainer's meetings.  Comes with our best seller Compassion Fatigue 9-1-1.  Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here


Avoiding and Handling Burn Out

You may be surprised that burn out really isn't about stress. It's about many things, and it looks many ways but there is a common theme in people who are prone to burn out. Want to find out what that is?  This is about the Trainer's Burn Out and the Trainee's Burn Out - yes they do get burned out too and yes you can help.  Order the CD and get a hard copy book.

What is included 

  • Narrated Power Point 
  • Power Point Template
  • Compassion Fatigue Survey eBook


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