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5 CD Package All Games & Exercises

SKU: T120

Jam Packed with '5' CDs with our games and exercises.  Jeopardy and all the skills games - EVERYTHING.  Police, Fire, EMS, Call Taking and Gameshow Delux - too much fun to think about. Game Masters on CD to copy forever.  Best Value! SAVE $52 if purchased separately.

Hi Donna,Just want to let you know that I am using the

The Call Taking games and Police Call Cards...love 'em!  John Taguding.

  SAVE ON All Games on CDs 

Everything everything!  Games, Power Point Jeopardy, master sheets, instructions! You go for it. And as a bonus, you have all your workbooks, answer sheets, instructor guides on CD for copies until the end of time - which we hope isn't too soon.

Call Taking CD includes: Speedwriting, Split Ear, Dexterity, Phonetic Practice. EMD CD includes: EMD Short Report, EMD ABC Spelling, Pair-O-Medics Vocab, Pair-O-Medics Vocab II. Police CD includes: Descriptions Practice, Controlled Chaos, Kick Butt, Prepare to Copy. Fire CD includes: On Fire, Fire Away, ICS Tag, Warning Warning Haz Mat. Gameshow Delux CD includes: 9-1-1 Millionaire, EMS Jeopardy, Fire Jeopardy, Liability Terms Jeopardy, Police Jeopardy, TDD Jeopardy, Terrorism Jeopardy, The Job Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares and Weakest Link - too much fun!



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