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Ring Ring, Simulation Scenarios Package

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SKU: R104

"I have recommended to my department that this become part of our training and continuing education packages."Bob GuyanAssociation of Professional Telecommunicators, Canfield, Ohio


Now on CD or download so you can print workbooks for your simulation program!

Every 911 call scenario you can imagine. See a sample of the calls in the descriptions on each book page. You cannot beat this price to use these scenarios over and over in your training program. As a bonus, you can expand these calls, or have a template to make your own, the creativity flows when you have a good start!

We took CAD call types print out and created calls for each for police, fire and EMS. 3 distinct documents in pdf:

    • Police Call Scenarios
    • Fire Call Scanarios
    • EMS Call Scenarios

Names of callers are supplied add your area addresses and phone numbers. Expandable calls. An excellent tool for any agency training program. Simulation is practice, practice builds skills and understanding. Give them experience.





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