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Way To Go 911! 3 DVDs

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Get Suicidal Molester, Sister Shot and Self Mutilation. You Tube Views .  Also visit each page individually for a view of each of the 3 Way To Go DVD's.  Modeling GOOD work is the best way to train your people!  Scripted and layed out as to why this was a Way to Go call.


This three volume set takes a self mutilation call, a domestic homicide, and a suicidal call and breaks them down into SKILLS that make the job mastery. The DVD also explains the tools that were used to make it great work! For example, in Suicidal Molester you can hear the different phases of the calltakers voice inflection go from empathetic, to firm, and how she has true control of the caller just by using her voice. BEST CALL EVER!

Have you ever heard a call that was just so well done that you feel incredibly proud to be in this profession? Here are 3!. Professional Pride wanted a 'positive' way to teach about the very difficult work of emergency call taking. Traditionally, our industry depicts a call that is terrible and says, "Don't DO that!" That isn't the way adults learn.

If you purchase nothing else, get this product for your training - to show them how it should sound - how great work will feel!

You will hear the most compassionate call takers with the most difficult callers or call types at work! See what worked and why. This helps your Telecommunicators use the tools of the trade. An essential addition to any training program. Gut wrenching! This allows you to add positive reinforcement to your training program instead of terrible work examples.


Due to the explicit realisim of our Way To Go series, we will only sell this product to Communications Agencies. These are actual unedited calls that demonstrate the best-of-the-best in extreme circumstances.



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