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911 Call Card (8) A-Z Package! SALE 50% OFF

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Over 150 9-1-1 calls ON '8 CDs!  By popular request you can now purchase all the 911 Call Cards for your training program with this savings.  Includes all Call Cards seen here for ALL police, fire, EMD and BONUS Hazmat Call Card (a favorite).  Hit purchase to enhance, expand and excite your training program.

How do we learn?  Not by listening to the worst calls ever.  It's by listening to great calls, not so great calls, average calls and talking about the call and taking the information from the calls and making sense out of the skills and professionalism found there.  This is a great addition to your training program if you get nothing else.

There is nothing more important in training then modeling and thinking through the calls with a professional facilitator. 


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