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10 UNIT ACADEMY DESCRIPTION:  FULL ACADEMY AND CERTIFICATION EXAMS Delivered as seen here digitally loaded onto a computer.  9-1-1 Acdemy was created in a college setting through a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) process working with the college dean and an Advisory Board of 911 professionals.  Download text table of contents. 

The Board required ten units of study, a text, a certification for both academics and skills lab.  The ten units are taught with a variety of training tools such as Power Point, quizzes, reading, actual 911 calls scripted, tours and speakers.  The skills lab assessment is conducted by the instructor/teacher/trainer in a lab setting answering multiple phone and radio. Includes the 9-1-1 Manual Textbook, hardcopy and eBook and Student Manual, Unit Quizzes and final exam online certification NECC with web storage of certification, check it out here. 

"We recently purchased the Desktop Academy.  We can’t overstate the wonderful customer service we’ve received from the staff at PP. Each time we have called with a question, the staff have either assisted us over the telephone, or researched the topic and promptly responded with the information.

The staff at PP know the needs and issues of emergency communications field because they’ve all worked in the field for many years. We highly recommend this product for your training program." 

John Familio, Training Mgr Oswego NY E 9-1-1 


 We know setting up a college progam isn't easy because we have been there done that.  We know many Comm Centers are looking for a complete A-Z 911 curriculum after years of compiling and organizing material.  We solved these challenges for both Comm Centers and Colleges. The Desktop Academy has been packaged and loaded onto your 9-1-1 Reality Simulator for an additional low price. Comm Centers also have our Training Manual Template so you can finally complete your program.

Comm Centers - we include SOP Cut and Paste and Create a Training Manual Template.

Colleges and High Schools - we include NECC Certification online at no cost AND a full instructor manual for every one of the ten units.  Teachers can start at 1 and move to 10 with unit quizzes and final exam and lab scenarios.  

This full curriculum with unit objectives and folders loaded with many skill building games, exercises, 911 calls, eBooks, workshops - all in one organized place for your program, academy, college or high school course.  See the flyer below for more specifics. Your teachers have a turnkey program.  Your Comm Center Trainers have a ready made put into practice training to simply include your own area specific training and technology training documents and there you go.  

 NECC online 121 question certification exam is included for no additional cost.  You can preview this exam free by ordering it online - one per agency.  Search using NECC for further details.  Those who have taken this exam at the Comm Centers say it is 'absolutely' what a person should know before going to floor training and absolutely what every college or high school graduate should know before coming to an agency to apply. What a great thing to have - assurances.




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