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U Pick '6'- Good Call - FREE Shipping

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SAVE !! This package gives you one free DVD and free shipping. The absolute best training product we have.  Go here to pick your '6'  to match YOUR training needs.    Take a look at "Mom Armed with Shotgun" or any of our Good Call Bad Call DVD's.  These are the best training products because they allow both new and experienced people to take a serious look at the actual work of 9-1-1 and determine if the 'promise' was kept to send the correct units to the correct location as quickly as possible while protecting the caller and public.  Did they do that?  Was it a good call or a bad call? These products may be used in a group setting or on shift during the 3AM lull. It is a scripted real 9-1-1 call followed by 5 questions about the call and the information gathered and then the BEST PRACTICES. You may add your own questions for your staff. This is great for new hires!

 Expand your training tools or boost your In Service training to be even more interesting than ever before!!!  Truly the best training tool ever created for critical thinking training.  When you order put into comments which title you want or call us at 1.800.830.8228 and we can recommend which title will be the best for your unique needs. 

In  your order form under comments, tell us which one of the GC BC you want us to send you.  

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