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Rape Victim Makes Fake Call (Must Get)


Abduction In Progress.  Amazing!  Call Taker and a victim pretending a call to a sister when actually she was in a vehicle with her rapist.  QnA, Best Practices and Follow Up on this Interactive DVD Training.  Enter to hear 1 min of this amazing call or purchase and own a scripted version to train how to be EXCELLENT.

Just hearing a call isn't learning about how to handle a very difficult life or death call.  In these Good Call Bad Call Interactive DVDs we put together a critical thinking training session that will 'provoke' your learners or experienced people into higher level learning they won't forget.  Imagine the beauty of pulling up a phrase or method when you need it the most because you heard it here. 

Scripted calls allow for comparison, analysis, question and answer, dialogue; all these things are the core of teaching people how to handle this complex work with this tool.  Get this call today for your training toolbox. This is a MUST HAVE to show that some calls are not always as they appear!

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