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Workplace satisfaction is about getting your needs met. First there is a recognition that the work you do is a vital part of who you are. What you need to do that work well is something we want to recognize here with our talks about you and the work. When needs are not met stress and negativity enter in. Instead enter here and vent or hear about positive change.
If you are a leader you know that you serve those that do the amazing work of 9-1-1. You know that you wear many 'hats' from technology to taking care of the most important 'human resource' of those on the console. Still you don't need to be a Manager, Administrator or Director to be a leader at your agency. Let's talk about leadership challenges and rewards here.
Your work is vital to the effective, efficient and safe work of emergency call taking and emergency radio. You are the facilitator of good work and you answer to many different factions from the citizens to the responders and the agency. How do you balance your needs and theirs. Let's talk about that balance here.
You are not alone in your love of training others for this fantastic work. It's not easy at times and at other times training someone that is 'meant to be' in this career can be very fulfilling. Let's talk about and share ideas, success and challenges that face our 9-1-1 trainers here.
What are educators doing out there that can help you in your college or high school program. We can start a discussion about important issues for you. What are some of the teaching tools that can define success for your students. Nothing is more rewarding than giving someone a leg up to get into this profession. Let's share here.
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