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 DUNS: 007508638  Fed ID 91 1777543  CAGE #  1YAD4   Military  Certified Federal Contractor Certified Woman Owned Business


9-1-1 Professional Pride Inc. is a company offering training and management products and services to the Emergency Communications industry.  Our products and services were created by 9-1-1 professionals who have been there done that in Comm Centers and college training.  Our products were born out of need and created and shared for use in Comm Centers, colleges, high schools, by individuals, companies and academies. 

 About JoinMe.com for full viewing of any of our products with a guided tour!  

 Proud member of APCO and NENA for over 25 years. We support APCO and NENA programs and training.  Dedicated to the support of our amazing 911 professionals.


OUR STAFF  Members of our staff currently teach 9-1-1 vocational education at a local college and have worked on the console and as leaders.  Our team developed the only on line college course offered at not cost to colleges. Every city and town should and could have a college program for those wishing to join this wonderful profession. We appreciate the chance to help you start your 9-1-1 vocational program or work within your Comm Center to suggest products to enhance or expand your training.  

OUR PRODUCTS  9-1-1 Reality Plus and 9-1-1 Reality Basic simulators reflect the real world challenges of our own staff trainers; time, budget, one instructor and many students and the need to trust and have immediate support from your vendor.  Our simulators were designed with the 'instructor' in mind offering basic step by step learning through practice and evaluation.  Our simulators don't confuse the learner or burden the instructor - our products make learning easier! Our video tutorials make setup even easier and current technology saves time and organization.  Like all of our over 100 products they are interactive, practical and make your life easier. 

OUR PHILOSOPHY  We understand your needs, as they are OUR needs.  The Desktop Academy was written by working educators in 9-1-1 college courses and provides multiple teaching tools for educators and 9-1-1 Centers (DVD, Power Points, 9-1-1 calls, lesson plans, skills learning and test). The Academy includes NECC certification for trainers and learners. NECC was created by a Board of 9-1-1 Educators and addresses both knowledge and skills for entry level requirements not recognized by other certifications.  Again, practical, useful, and always relevant with Professional Pride.   

Great customer services and ethical business practices are extremely important to us.  We answer the phone, offer chat, get back to email every day and go out of our way to support you in any way we can.  You are our heroes and we are happy to do what we are doing for you.


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