“Those basic skills I developed prior to having protocols is no longer learned by our new hires.”   New Reality Owner’s reason for purchasing.

Press Release 911 Reality Plus ProQA-2  Add ProQA onto your simulator station at NO cost to Comm Centers owning a training license.  A training license can be purchased by ProQA clients for use with 911 Reality PLUS.  Colleges and High Schools can purchase ProQA loaded onto the stations for an additional fee of $1000 and $124 four hour training class for the teacher.

With this option protocols are only activated by contacting Priority Dispatch Corp (PDC) for complete installation.  Complete installation requires a ‘dongle’ to be sent by PDC to the owner.  PDC will remotely install XLerator onto the stations to complete the activation process.  Contact salesassociates@prioritydispatch.net  to activate.  Comm Centers will update to their latest version.  Colleges and High Schools will only have access to the version installed on the stations with no future updates or upgrades.

Let them practice!!  Here you can build a better understanding of the protocols working with foundational skills while on the phone, text or radio with our muli-tasking simulator.  Step 1 – take calls without protocols.  Step 2 – transfer that knowledge and skill into using and understanding protocols.