Say What? – Call Taker Training


Learning CAN be FUN – and just plain FUNNY!

Margaret Aspenberg, Training Supervisor Atlantic City, New Jersey

“Say What?' arrived on Tuesday, along with other goodies. I love it.”


An Emergency Call Taker and a comedian got together to show you how a 9-1-1 call sounds – a bit strange – funny – but tons of learning going on here. CD and workbook.

Listen to an average Call Taker take 9-1-1 calls from a comedian. Fun for a class.

In this 2 hour exercise, students are asked to listen to the methods and technique of the Call Taker, then critique the questions asked. Was anything missing?

This professional Call Taker is a great model for learners. Students use critical thinking skills to analyze, compare and contrast. Listening and recording skills are important here. A must have for ANY police call receiver training.