Exceptional Trainer Power Points


“A wonderful assortment of topics of interest to Trainers, Training Managers and Supervisors. “ Sue Pivetta


Train the 9-1-1 Trainer – 8 Power Points Download

“I created the Exceptional Trainer at the end of my degree process on Adult Learning at Antioch University. The thing is, the ten adult learning theories needed to be applied to this unique setting – not so easy. I was a trainer in the Comm Center for eleven years and after starting the college program I wanted to explore my experiences in both settings. I had done all I could to ‘facilitate their learning in a safe environment’  I thought.  What would have been so very helpful at the Comm Center was meeting with other trainers so I could learn what worked for them.  I would have loved to have someone to vent to when I felt burned out (I did burn out too).  So what you have here is myself  in discussion with myself  🙂 .. on some of the topics I feel are important to explore. Agree or disagree with me or each other because the only way to move forward is first to communicate our differences and create commonalities. ” Sue Pivetta

You will download a zip file with 8 Power Points discussing the topics listed below.  These are customizable and can be used to insert images, calls or forms trainers need to use.   Imagine the many conversations, meetings and training events that could be generated with all this information exclusively for 9-1-1 trainers and supervisors.  PLEASE REQUEST DOWNLOAD TO BE SENT – THE FILES WILL COME VIA BOX.COM