Customer Service Workshop Packet


DIFFICULT PEOPLE?  What if the difficult person is not the caller – it’s the call taker?  Check it out.



Hello,  I just wanted to tell you all that Sue Pivetta’s, Dealing with Difficult People, is PHENOMENAL!!!   It’s nice to know that someone DOES understand

the realities of what operators handle and that there is a solution!  Will definitely be using in the future!  Denera White  Bexar Metro 9-1-1 Network tx

If you don’t like our 9-1-1 – you can’t get another one!  This book takes on the unique relationship between your ‘clients’ and your ‘services’.  Is it really customer service we are talking about or is it more just plain SKILLS in handling calls and working with a variety of people with a variety of NEED.  It’s more like a formula and also a belief system that then affects behavior for the call taker and the ‘client’.  The call will only go as well as it can from the callers side, but the skill of the call taker is paramount to success.  Read this book to find out what success looks like and how it is achieved.  Download the following.

  1. Customer Service eBook by Sue Pivetta – honest, down to earth, fun but serious 45 pages
  2. Checklist – did you do this for your caller?
  3. Attitude Assessment Score Sheet – for the trainer to use to score the book assessment
  4. Power Point Training – 3 calls with 3 Lessons (very powerful).  The downloaded 911 calls must be inserted into the ppt using Insert/Audio.  Keep calls and ppt in same folder.  Save as PPS for a show for training.  The web won’t allow download of the ppt with the calls embedded as they are too large.  Go to the page on the ppt that shows the call, reinsert, delete old speaker image and drag and enlarge new speaker.