9-1-1 Books – Full Set ’10’ Hardcopy


SAVE! On this full Emergency Communications Library of Books.
You can send a few people to a workshop -but why not stay home and read some great stuff only about this profession!  Really great console reading.



You can buy a full 9-1-1 library, just for this profession, and for years your people will have access to good information, any time they want. Give the gift of learning, when and where they want, anytime they want. Books are hard copy.   How much fun is that – great console reading for everyone!  Make your own 9-1-1 Libary!  (don’t forget to purchase our eBooks too)

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual & Manual Workbook This is our college text and workbook in over 5000 agencies as a primary training manual and self directed workbook.

Stress Less Books to include; 9-1-1 Wellness + My 10-20 Journal. Newest addition  – 300+ pages of self help worksheets and  additional book that help keep workers well.  Has CD Journal 10-20

The Exceptional Trainer and Workbook  Our best selling book for trainers only.

Winging It, Q and A For Supervisors  More then 50 questions supervisors ask – inspiring and helpful.

Sexual Harassment in the Comm Center  Mandatory training!  Supervisors to teach such things as Quid Pro Quo!!


Ring Ring  Scenarios police, fire ems all 3