A CD Package All Games & Exercises


Hi Donna, Just want to let you know that I am using the the Call Taking games and Police Call Cards. in the training..love ’em! – John Taguding 911.


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Everything everything! Games, Power Point Jeopardy, master sheets, instructions! You go for it. And as a bonus, you have all your workbooks, answer sheets, instructor guides on CD for copies until the end of time – which we hope isn’t too soon.

Call Taking CD includes: Speedwriting, Split Ear, Dexterity, Phonetic Practice. EMD CD includes: EMD Short Report, EMD ABC Spelling, Pair-O-Medics Vocab, Pair-O-Medics Vocab II. Police CD includes: Descriptions Practice, Controlled Chaos, Kick Butt, Prepare to Copy. Fire CD includes: On Fire, Fire Away, ICS Tag, Warning Warning Haz Mat.

Gameshow Delux CD includes: 9-1-1 Millionaire, EMS Jeopardy, Fire Jeopardy, Liability Terms Jeopardy, Police Jeopardy, TDD Jeopardy, Terrorism Jeopardy, The Job Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares and Weakest Link – too much fun!