“I found the test to be a very good overall assessment of what an emergency telecommunicator generally needs to understand in order to be successful. Public Safety Joint Communications. I absolutely think this is a great tool for testing someone being released from training”. –   Virginia Smelser, RPL   Communications Manager/911 Director

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Why would your agency use the NECC Certification exam for floor ready trainees?

  1.  Validity. The National Emergency Communications Certification was created  by a coalition of US and Canada professional 9-1-1 educators and PTC Professional Testing Corporation of NY, NY.   PTC is NENA’s testing company that validates exams.
  2. It’s online with instant scoring.  Our coalition did things different than NENA – we created this exam for ENTRY LEVEL Telecommunicators and it is entirely online.  The ENP requires attendance at certain locations.  There is no online, extensive, validated entry level exam except the NECC.
  3. Follows a curriculum created in a DACUM Occupational Analysis.  An advisory board of 911 professionals and a college worked the DACUM over time to develop the 10 unit curriculum that covers every aspect of 911 training for entry level trainees – 10 units of study contained in the 911 Emergency Communications Manual and 911 Academy for entry level.
  4. NECC requires a SKILLS certification, no other certification requires this for entry level trainees.
  5. An additional certification can install a sense of confidence and achievement.  You can give our exam to your experienced people as well – it’s always good to have another certification to increase self esteem.

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