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Includes the Exceptional Trainer book and workbook.  What do you do in your Trainer's Meetings?  Here are some great topics of interest to trainers.  Invest in what is important to them. 

"I created the Exceptional Trainer at the end of my degree process on Adult Learning at Antioch University.  The thing is, the ten adult learning theories needed to be applied to this unique setting.  I trained in the Comm Center for eleven years and had I known many of these things my life and the trainees life would have been much easier.  In fact, I think there were a few people I could have saved!  And I am sure I would have felt better knowing when someone wasn't right for this work, I had done all I could to 'facilitate their learning in a safe environment'.  For that is the primary goal of the Comm Center trainer.   I love training so these ideas are practical and useful.  I wouldn't waste you time for sure.  I know of lot of information given to our CTOs, although good and solid, may not work in this crazy profession."  Sue Pivetta

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