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Hi Donna,

 Thank you for the speedy reply! We have used The 9-1-1 Zone for years and it is the only test we use for pre hires in our comm center. I wasn't sure if there are new recordings or if the scenarios have changed. The reason I ask is we have some candidates that retake the test up to three times a year and we do not want them to know what the scenarios are.

This test has done well finding us great employees and that is why we want to stay with it.

Thank you again,

Christopher J Archambault EMD-Q
Communications Assistant Manager
Trinity EMS
PO Box 187.
Lowell, MA 01853


Rob, .

Yes, I did, and I’ve already used it quite successfully in my current search.  It’s called The 911 Zone Employment Skills Assessment Kit.  Go to www.911Trainer.com.  With S&H, it cost me $840, but already I think it was well worth the expense. If you need post-purchase help, Donna Ferris is just super, as is Sue Pivetta.  I needed some guidance on the scoring of the Employment Test, and they both walked me through it.

 I also used both modes of administering it – i.e., allowing each candidate to take it 2x, and allowing them to listen to the entire audio first and then take the test w/answer booklet.  My conclusion based on 4 internal and 2 external candidates is that someone with marginal skills and less actual dispatching experience will benefit from the 2x mode, while a more skilled person with solid dispatching experience (in a local, regional, or county PSAP) will do great on the listen-then-take mode.  Track 5 of the test – which is keyboarding – is where you’ll see the most divergence in results.  Also, if a 2x-mode candidate gets a lower total score on the second take, that’s a strong indicator that s/he doesn’t have the needed skills.  One of my internal candidates had 16 years prior dispatching experience with a local township PD, and absolutely bombed on this, dropping 13.5 points on the second one. Good luck.  If you wanna chat further about this product, give me a shout.

 Creig W. Doyle Director

Public Safety Department
Cabrini College

610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087
610-902-8110 (Fax)


OUR BEST SELLER!  A 3 part skills training and skills evaluation package.  If you cannot get a simulator - The Zone is the next best thing to teaching SKILLS.  Train Trainers to evaluate skills.  Comes hard copy binder AND all 3 sections located on a CD for downloading.  Attached see the FULL Proctor Guide.  

Teach and Evaluate Skills With 'The 9-1-1 Zone'  There are (12) exercises in Zone Skills Exercises and a (5) part skills exam. You also have a packet of (5) candidate testing booklets and a beautifully done hardcopy Proctor Guide. 

Let's hear honest feedback from a trainer how she uses the Zone and why she loves it.  

ZONE 1 – Multi Task Split Ear -  Why I love this thing!

"This is one of our most popular skills testing. The student/new hire listens to the audio and places a color, numbers or letters in the correct columns. The audio starts slow and gives one item at a time, lets say a color, then they come to the person faster and start over lapping.

Not many people get 100% the first time.Some people cannot finish and just give up, others get from 90-98%. If they get a high score, they are my best students in the class in every other aspect which shows its a valid test.  It is easier if they know the abbreviations of the colors before the test." Many agencies use this in their hiring process.  Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech

Zone Exercises 1 to 5 -  Numbers Typing Multi Tasking - My student was amazed at the accuracy of the exercises

My student observed at a Comm Center as part of the class project. When he observed his person he was sitting with handle radio traffic, make a phone call to another agency and listen to another call on the phone, he saw how multi tasking was needed. Handling the radio and one call with the headset, and holding a handset from the phone with another. This made a huge impact of him and why we practice this skill USING THE ZONE. Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech

ZONE 3 – Visualization   I find this so useful for finding out who is fit and who is not.

In this task, there are four 9-1-1 hang-ups they listen to. They record on paper or in CAD what they heard. They then tell me what are the facts of the call and I write them on the board. Many times there are perceptions or inference contained in the fact-finding mission. They will then tell me what impression they had about the call. What was it? Can you give it a call type?

 In the discussion of the calls and their comments they document, many times there are assumptions that are made. We discuss the facts vs. assumptions and then the light comes on and the looks on their faces, they understand. Donna Frazier Clover Park Tech

 Invest in your skills with the 911 Zone - a beautiful professional product and comes in a binder with individual CD for the mp3 and pdf print outs you can download and use unlimited in your academy.  If you get nothing else for your training, get the Zone.

BONUS Promotional In Basket EXAM for Managers, Trainers, Supervisors now included at no extra cost.  

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