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IAED Certification says "I know" whereas SKILLS CERTIFICATION with our simulator says, "I can apply that knowledge."  Know more about your trainees ability to apply ProQA protocols in challenging circumstances with 911 Reality Plus Multi Tasking Call Taking and Radio Dispach Simulator.  ProQA available at NO cost to all Plus owners. Our simulator links out to your ProQA unique training license.  Let them practice EMD, EPD, EFD!  9-1-1 Magazine Article Here

If you are a Comm Center using or considering ProQA this is for you. You will now be able to purchase 911 Reality Plus that will allow for call taking using the protocol card popups full or limited version.  If you are a college, high school or Academy this limited training version is loaded on to your stations at no cost to you.  
For information on full ProQA software licenses, please contact Priority Dispatch Corp. at (800) 363-9127 or by email at salesassociates@prioritydispatch.net.” 
9-1-1 Reality Plus Simulator HARDWARE ONE STATION • Plug and Play Portable Wireless Simulators (1) INSTRUCTOR STATION HARDWARE - (1) Instructor PC- LenovoThinkCentre Tiny- (2) Lenovo Instructor Monitors - 24" Widescreen (1) Keyboard and Mouse (1) Noise Cancelling Headset. (1) Pre programmed wireless router
STUDENT STATION HARDWARE - Student PC- (1) LenovoThinkCentre Tiny- (2) Lenovo Student Monitors – 24" Widescreen - (1) Keyboard and Mouse (1) Noise Cancelling Headset (4) Display port cords Full 1 year hardware warranty additional available. Video tutorials / Join.Me screen share training / web training and technical support
SOFTWARE FEATURES USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES for Multi Tasking Training • Login screens • Call types/codes programmable • ALI/ANI W COORDINATES programmable for mapping • Traffic Stop/ OnView popup • Background sounds for radio or calls • Multiple phone lines • Multiple radio frequencies • 2 Text 911 calls • TTY calls • Ring Down Lines programmable • Wireless Call line • Business Line • Recording Studio • On Screen Capture • Video Tutorials • Flags and Premise History
DOCUMENTATION • Trainee Outcome Session Report • Session recording logs • Instructor Notes Report Full 1 year warranty and online / email / phone support and video tutorials. PRO QA Optional training module for police, fire and EMD protocols.
CLASSROOM TRAINING ACADEMY PRODUCTS Loaded 911 training folders with the current high quality training products for each unit; Police, Fire, EMD, Emergency Radio, Liability, Stress, Crisis, HazMat. Scripted Actual 911 Calls / Domestic Violence Power Point Call Review Training / Customer Service Power Point Call Reviews / 911 Textbook and Student Manual eBooks /Unit Flash Quizzes/ Crisis Intervention eBook / 50 YouTube Newscasts - 911 Calls in the News / 10 Jeopardy Games and Skills Training and Exercises / Stress and Compassion Fatigue Workshops / Liability eBook and Power Point / Active Shooter Procedures. Full A-Z Scenarios for Police, Fire and EMD training. Unit flash quizzes.
ONLINE FINAL CERTIFICATION EXAM NECC Online Certification 121 question final exam with instant results and web grading archives.
PROQA LIMITED TRAINING LICENSE link loaded onto all stations.  

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